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Rosturk House

Carslogie Road, Cupar, KY15 4HY

  • 52 Bedrooms
  • 5 Lounges
  • 2 Dining Areas
  • Vast landscaped gardens

Rosturk House is built on the site of the former Gilliesfaulds fruit farm. It is believed that the name Gilliesfaulds was derived from the words “Gillies” being cattle herders, and “faulds” meaning folds of fields. When cattle were being driven through Cupar the Gillies spent the night in the Inn on Carslogie Road and their cattle stayed in the nearby folds of fields, thus Gilliesfaulds.

Joseph Hood and his family moved to Gilliesfaulds farm in September 1939, the week that World War II was declared. They farmed there until they sold the farm in 1974. After various owners, Rosturk House Ltd purchased 1.7acres of land from the farmer in 2000 while Bett’s purchased the remainder of the land and created “The Drum” housing estate. Rosturk House opened it’s doors to clients on 11th October 2004. Many staff at Rosturk House have fond memories as school children picking berries at Gilliesfaulds during their summer holidays.

14 bedrooms and further sitting areas were added in 2016 to provide improved accommodation and the opportunity for quieter lounges where Residents can meet with relatives in privacy.

If you would like to visit Rosturk House, Please call us on: 01334 659820

Rosturk House Residents
Rosturk House Residents
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